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Thread: BUG: Custom UI does not display in VR

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    BUG: Custom UI does not display in VR

    I have a framework that makes use of lots of Custom UI buttons. The buttons are keyed to visibility by certain players but GM can see all of them. The framework works fine in the regular (2D) version of TTS but when using the (3D) VR version no custom UI is displayed. In my opinion this is a serious bug since many workshops make use of Custom UI buttons.

    Expected Result: Custom UI should be shown (same as 2D version)
    Actual Result: Custiom UI is not shown at all in VR (but works in 2D version)
    System: Windows 10

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    I doubt this is right, as I am not educated in the matter but you can type "displays" into the console and it will tell you connected displays, would this work along side scripting? Sending the GUI scripts to display 2?

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    I made an account JUST to say after a few days troubleshooting and looking through code, YOU ARE 100% RIGHT, LordAshes. What threw me off this trail originally is before I looked into the Lau scripting of the game, I thought you were just stating user-made UIs weren't showing and just weirdly capitalized the C. Now that I've gone through some XML in game, this is the origin of so many "VR click" problems users are posting and being ignored for thinking their controls are just set up wrong.
    Will this subforum be dead forever? Probably. But just wanting to give you some validation! Since their switch to XML UI, if this isn't fixed, the VR compatibility stamp should probably be removed.

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