I REALLY like the new tags that you added to the Steam Workshop recently, but I think you should really add tags for a mod's language and it's dependence on language.

Being able to search/filter games that are either in your language or at least easy to play if you speak a little bit of English (for example) would be a really great addition to help broaden TTS appeal worldwide. I've noticed a lot of Korean mods popping up for example, and this feature would serve that community well.

These would just be 2 new dropdowns under Options -> Info. The first would be "Language" and it would have a big list of potential languages for the mod. One of the options should be "No language" or something like that. Ideally, we could choose more than one from the list and we could also type the name and have it be suggested instead of having to find and click the right one.

Language dependence would be a dropdown with only like 4 (or 6) options:
  1. "Language independent"
  2. ("Very low language dependence")
  3. "Low language dependence"
  4. "Medium language dependence"
  5. "High language dependence"
  6. ("Very high language dependence")

Ideally, the little (?) button before the language dependence dropdown would have text explaining what each of them vaguely corresponds to. My suggestions for what they correspond to are:
  1. The mod has no language in it
  2. (The mod has only names or titles but no description or text explanations)
  3. The mod has mostly names/titles or a few short text descriptions using very basic language
  4. The mod has text descriptions using simple or common language of average length
  5. The mod requires decent comprehensions of the language and can feature several paragraphs of text
  6. The mod requires good mastery of the language and features long text paragraphs