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Thread: Cheap PureVPN for any device in China

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    Cheap PureVPN for any device in China

    Every day, more and more people are faced with the choice of a suitable VPN for themselves. Itís not enough just to find an inexpensive service with no traffic restrictions and available on all devices. It is important that developers do not track your traffic and do not store logs. Oddly enough, the last rule is far from being respected by all. PureVPN is a cross-platform VPN service that guarantees fast connection speed anonymity and accessibility of all resources.
    Installing PureVPN on a desktop or mobile device is easy. It is enough to download the necessary version from the developer's site or from the application store and install. Unfortunately, developers do not give the opportunity to try out their service for free. After installation, you will have to choose one of the subscription plans. But there are pluses: within one month you can cancel the subscription and sales are constantly being held on the site. Sometimes you can buy a subscription for only $ 1. After installation, you can connect to the nearest point with one click or manually select the desired country. PureVPN provide fine-tuning the connection that right very, very cool and you need.

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    The cost of VPN in China is different, there are free and rather expensive providers and it’s not easy to choose one. The VPN price in China can be one of the important factors, but it should not become decisive because it is in this country that it is especially difficult to access the network

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    Using a VPN connection will prevent tracking of your activity on the Internet, personal data will be protected from prying eyes, blocking sites will remain in the past due to a change in IP address when using a VPN connection.

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    Recently, more and more people are talking about the need to use VPN on home devices, and in the first place, the advantages of VPN are implied in terms of security.The VPN connection essentially hides your web activity.

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    Thanks to the use of VPN and traffic encryption, access to your personal data, conversations, chat rooms, browsing history, online transactions will remain safe and inaccessible to third parties. Even if you connect through public WiFi.

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    VPN is currently the best way to protect your device from hacking, DNS / IP address leaks and surveillance by your ISP. Despite the fact that the government may not approve of the use of such services, when using a high-quality VPN, for example with traffic encryption and the absence of DNS leaks, no one will know about your actions.

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    What’s the best VPN for complete safety, I don’t care about speed, just complete safety? I found only this article
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