I posted this two months ago on the specific DLC channel and received no response. Hopefully I'll have more luck here.

"Happy Social Distancing!

I bought Tabletop Sim a while ago mainly to purchase all the Cosmic Encounter DLC. Didn't get a chance to play it right away and now that I have the time (and even more miraculously) the group it's not working. It will boot up and load to 3% and stop there my players will come in and everything will load up for them but they can only manipulate items on the board once. Tried looking it up but I've seen this problem nowhere else. It might have to do with a further expansion (Cosmic Eons) being added to the DLC but not maybe to my copy. I really have no idea why it isn't working and would love any and all help in rectifying this. I've attached a screenshot of how far it loads up for me.

Thanks"TTS CEC 2020-04-07 194132.jpg