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Thread: Newbie Questions about using TTS as RPG GM screen

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    Newbie Questions about using TTS as RPG GM screen

    I have multiple questions about GM'ing an RPG using TTS as my GM screen. I haven't bought it yet (but plan to soon). I don't plan on having players in TTS, but rather doing that over Discord...
    - does Discord Overlay work in TTS in VR?
    - is TTS VR compatible with the Windows screenshot hotkey? (so that it goes to my clipboard and I can paste in Discord)
    - in VR, is there any way to swap back and forth between TTS and Virtual Desktop?
    - what's the current best way to get large PDF's into TTS? (not super important if I can swap easily to Virtual Desktop)
    - I have zero experience with 3D models but I downloaded a bunch of them and converted them to .obj files using Blender. Is that going to be good enough to make figurines?
    ...more questions as I think of them. Thanks!!

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    I don't know if the discord overlay works with tts, I use discord in the background for voice chat and pancake tts to play non-rpgs. that works fine
    tts VR has some issues, depending on which VR rig you have. You should ask on the official tabletop simulator discord VR channel about this and the above.
    yes you can swap back and forth though I am not sure which action accomplishes it, since it depends on your VR set up
    TTS has a pdf object type which works with most standard PDFs.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks a bunch! And yes, Discord Overlay does work ... but so does logging into Discord from the tablet

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