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Thread: BUG: XML UI not visable in VR (all "new" buttons, hover, text)

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    BUG: XML UI not visable in VR (all "new" buttons, hover, text)

    Posting so it's documented to be a reoccurring problem.

    It looks like the Tabletop Simulator switch from "Classic UI" to "Custom UI" is from Digital Legacy Games' XmlLayout Unity Asset:

    Other devs have made it work in VR (XmlLayout Dev links to VR Unity Asset):

    XML examples from the Tabletop Simulator Workshop:

    This is one of the Custom UI examples that is referenced straight from the API documentation. When ran in VR, it doesn't show up on the screen at all, but works fine if TTS is launched in 2D.

    This is a popular and simple Custom UI attaching XML to an object. When XML is attached, it shows up in VR, but no interaction is available (the semi-infamous "I can't click on buttons or text in VR"). Again, if TTS is launched in 2D, this XML package works fine.
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    Updating with video comparison of Normal (flat) expectation and the half-done VR implementation.

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