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Thread: Cannot host a game

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    Cannot host a game

    Hi TTS admins,

    I'm unable to host a game. When starting a new multiplayer game, regardless of the type of server I'm starting (public / friends / invite) the server doesn't appear in the servers browser. Also, a friend tried to join the server and couldn't find it there either. Actually, my friend had the exact same problem: when they hosted a game I couldn't find it in the servers browser. Note that I can see many servers in the servers browser, just not my own or my friend's server.
    Also tried to look at port forwarding stuff, but cannot understand exactly what to do about it. Using `netstat` it looks like the server is listening on port 39,999. I'm not aware of any software that blocks external connections to that port. Maybe the router makes the problem, but I doubt it. I tried using a hotspot from my phone and the same issue persisted.

    Tabletop simulator version: 12.4.3
    OS: Arch linux

    Will appreciate your help,

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    Tried again yesterday and now it works. Have no idea what changed, but considered this solved.

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