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Thread: custom table hangs

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    custom table hangs

    Hi, so having spent all morning putting something together, my table now hangs when I try to load the saved state, and also the autosave does too. I noticed no strange behavior before the save and closing it. The table appears to load with all the objects, and the mp3 player plays.

    Windows 8.1 steam update version 12.4

    I have dropped my graphics to low, that hasn't helped, rebooted that hasn't helped, tried additive load which also hung the PC. I'd attach a DXdiag file .. but ... it's too large ... ?

    So having tried re creating it all from scratch .. it's done it again.

    I have a strong feeling it's the scripts doing it. Having gone through testing items I'm using D&D 3.5 Character Sheet Pg1&2 from the workshop. This with 10 plus copies of it .. sems to cause long delays on running scripts
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    I suggest saving frequently, so that you have a recent working save before the hangs become a problem. Also whatever you were doing is most likely cause. You mention slowdowns after adding 10 D&D character sheets. I would put two in, and analyze what they are doing, I suspect some seriously inefficient scripting... Once you narrow down the cause(s) we can begin to look into the scripts to determine how to fix.

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    Thanks for the response cche

    I'm pretty sure it's this bulky script doing it, so if you can suggest some edits to it, or another best practice for keeping / recording info on characters within tabletop sim, it would be appreciated.
    Code can be found on pastebin

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