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Thread: Scrum master vs project manager

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    Scrum master vs project manager

    The role of Scrum Masters is more the role of coaching a person who is between the project and the client. The Scrum Master does not manage the team that does the work - instead, it supports the product owner, trains the team and ensures that the Scrum processes are followed. The Scrum Master is responsible for the Scrum process, its proper implementation and maximization of its benefits.
    Product owners have a huge responsibility for the project. They are responsible for the list of requirements for the functionality of the product that must meet the requirements of the business. During any project, as customers become more aware of the product or changes in the market, the product often needs to be changed to meet new requirements. The owner of the product must adjust and change the priorities of the list of requirements for the functionality of the product in order to comply with these changes and further effectively manage the project. This is a responsible task that only product owners can handle.
    In this case, the Scrum Master should help to look at the project from all sides and advise the product owner about user experience about problems with product functionality, about feedback from users about the need to rebuild product development in accordance with changes outside the business.

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    If I understand correctly, then this is an intermediary program as in everything and everywhere. I do not quite clearly understand what kind of program it is and what the functions of this program are, but I’m sure that it is necessary. From the beginning, nothing is clear in any program and then you get involved, understand and can no longer imagine how you did without it before.

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    Many would like to know what is happening at the computer while it was left unattended. The goals can be different - tracking problems in the operating system or application, tracking the actions of a small child or company employees in the workplace, for example. In ScreenMaster it is possible to manually or automatically take screenshots at a specified interval.

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    I like the scrum team’s comparison with the family. This metaphor very often helps to understand and explain why you need to do this and not otherwise. Just transfer the situation to the family; ask the question how you would act in the family;

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    Scrum Master focuses on continuous improvement while a business analyst focuses on product lag and the needs of stakeholders and customers. In addition, he understands business processes, data, rules. Due to common responsibilities, problems arise such as different throughputs, focus, and domain knowledge. And if the rookie team and the project are big, these two roles will be big and different.

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    I will not tell you how much I read articles and postings on these topics. The best material on this topic concludes that the project manager is not a scrum master and vice versa.

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    Despite the difference in roles, the scrum master and project manager have common necessary skills. These are the basic things that will allow you to be successful in any way:
    communication - the ability to communicate with all interested parties in the organization,
    ability to resolve conflicts,
    leadership qualities (for a scrum master this is leadership through personal example and “service”, it is possible for a project manager to use a directive management style),
    self-organization - the ability to understand one’s work, to combine many tasks, to see a wide picture of where we are now.

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