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Thread: hot seat not really working

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    hot seat not really working


    doesn't seem to matter what game or how many players, easy to reproduce in a simple Cards game.

    player 1 turn goes fine, click end turn and the view moves to player 2, but player2 can't see their cards, and CAN see player 1's cards. Clicking the rewind arrow does set the cards right but doesn't seem to do anything else at that point. the work around that seems to work well is to blindfold, click end turn, click rewind, click remove blindfold. I kind of like the blindfold, maybe end turn could enable it and player 2 clicking OK would remove it.

    if a player grabs another players card and drags out on the table, they can see what the card is, that doesn't seem right, but i guess that could happen in real life too, just can't really keep an eye on that with hotseat

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    Yes! I've seen all sorts of problems with Hotseat mode. Not only have I seen the problem you describe, but also, changing player colors after initial selection, start to cause all sorts of problems that can't be resolved without restarting TTS.

    Hotseat mode is highly unreliable - *especially* if you are testing a mod that you're editing/authoring.

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