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Thread: Extend UTF-8 Character Set, and add Emojis for scripting

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    Lightbulb Extend UTF-8 Character Set, and add Emojis for scripting

    Hello guys, I have recently been developing a script with UI that is on an object, and I have found that the way the game utilizes image assets, its impossible for me to include them on an object because you can't merge an objects UI with a games UI without overwriting it completely.

    The only way that I have found to make it work, is to overwrite the UI assets using UI.setCustomAssets from the objects script, but then this would conflict/erase someone's UI if they used my object in their game that already has a UI. Because of this, I have concluded that UTF-8 characters are as good as it gets. Problem is, despite using several symbols that did work great, other symbols I would love to use are not available. Now, I'm not fully aware of what it would take to include these into the game, but I do know they would be extremely useful.

    Aside from UTF8 characters, I thought it would also be helpful if we could have access to a list of Emojis to use in scripting. This would allow us a vast list of symbols and characters to include in our UIs, that wouldn't involve UI assets, or run risk of overwriting someone's mod.

    For example purposes, I included a brief list of symbols below that I would love to use in my current project, but they don't currently work.


    I'm not asking for all of these symbols linked below to be added to the game, I just included them as reference so everyone could get an idea at what would be possible if they were added.

    Emoji List -

    UTF-8 Dingbats -

    UTF-8 Miscellaneous -

    Thanks for reading.


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    Each object has its OWN asset store. If you load an object with UI assets it does not affect any UI assets in any other object, at least as far as I understand it. (Take a look at your saved object with UI assets; they are there in the JSON).

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    Wow, You know one of those moments when you learn something that should have been otherwise extremely obvious, but for some reason wasn't? This is one of those for me. Thanks for your help, I had no clue each object could use its own custom assets collection, you just have to click on each separate object under the scripter and open its UI assets. That was exactly my problem, and I'm now looking forward to moving back to my previously designed buttons. Aside from that though, I still think the suggestion for an expansion to the UTF-8 symbol set and or Emojis would be an awesome addition to the game. I found with my current project, using the UTF symbols almost achieved what I was looking for, but I really needed a "settings" icon and none I posted above would work.

    Thanks again for the info.
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