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Thread: Modding help with states

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    Modding help with states

    I'm trying to make custom tokens using the states tool, as that seems the easiest way overall.
    I'm working on a figure with multiple states, but also an attachment with multiple states.

    Simple question is there any way to link two stated objects together and have the different states work?
    I keep getting only one or the other to work.

    What other simple ways are there to record several different sets of stats to a figure or token.


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    You must create the states as the last step in creating your combined object. Take each component object and break out its individual states as separate objects; then clone enough of each so that you can make a combined object for each pair of states you want in the finished design finally create a stated object out of all those objects-with-attachments. That is the best I can do with states.

    When you attach an object to another it loses all functionality. Tabletop simulator creates a new box collider for the combined object too.

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