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Thread: Invisible cards

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    Invisible cards

    Hi! I downloaded a mod from the worshop that is from a card game. All the users who have downloaded it have not had any difficulties with this mod, but it does generate problems for me.

    The mod has several decks of cards and my problem occurs with several of them, but others load me without problem.

    The problem I have with those decks is that they appear totally invisible to me. No loading error appears, they are simply invisible.

    I have reinstalled Tabletop several times, and removed the mod and re-subscribed several times. Even a user uploaded his Mods folder to google drive and replaced it on my PC (documents - my games - tabletop - mods)

    I also have the threading option disabled.

    It is very strange and I did not find a solution on the internet. Does anyone know why it could be?

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    Up post!

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