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Thread: Creating Standees: This has got to be super simple but...

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    Creating Standees: This has got to be super simple but...

    Hey all -

    First and foremost, starting the process of making 'figurines'(standees): is the best option to open Create/Singleplayer/Create/Objects or is there supposed to be a means to do it elsewhere? The real question is - when I create using the above route, will I be able to use those minis in other games(multiplayer) or do I have to build an entire set each time I want to make a game?

    Seconf, when applying the images to the standee template, some of my images are then shown in landscape and not portrait. Is there a means to solve that going in or a means to edit once assigned?

    Thanks in advance- I'm behind the curve and appreciate the assistance.


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    You will be able to save your figurines and use them in other mods. You cannot directly edit the image on your figurine but you can change the image (rotate it using any image editor) and then remake the figurine with the new image by right -click and choose custom on your figurine, this brings up the same dialog you used to make the figurine at first and you can put the new image into it.

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    Thanks for the reply! The problem is that regardless of how I change the image and save orientation in an editor, it seems to take 'tall' images and put them in landscape. Do I have to simply have my Mechs laying on their sides? Is there a trick to making the image from the editor recognizable to TTS to remain in the given orientation?

    Thanks again


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    Well I just made a new figurine using a tall image, and it came out tall, so either the game is "remembering" the shape of the image in your situation or something else is happening.
    I am not aware of another way to create figurines than object > components > custom >figurine, unless you have many many to make, in which case it might be worth your trouble to look at the saved file you generate when you do a right-click > save object; it is in your documents/my games/tabletopsimulator/saves/saved objects folder, and is a JSON file paired with a png. You can figure out exactly what to change to make a new saved object JSON file for your new figurine. TTS will create a png to match the next time you load it.

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