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Thread: We need two color tintable layers

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    Lightbulb We need two color tintable layers

    At the moment, it is possible to color the top-most mesh in the obj model with the in-game tint tool. Thats pretty cool, allows for stuff like that:


    But there would be twice more freedom and utility if we could color top 2 meshes in the obj differently.
    I suggest having an option in toggles that would bring the second tint box on the model's right-click menu. So the first tint would recolor the first mesh, and the second would change the color of the second one.

    Thank you, Berserk.
    Your player and modder, VanX.

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    totally agreed. its like the things that must be included by default in the bundle ! hopefully we will see this soon. by the way how good can you see colors ? according to reverse color blind test you might not be able to see some colors and you might not be aware of that. so why dont you give it a shot ?
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