Describe the bug
filterObjectEnter is used to limit what can be placed in bags, but isn't called when items are placed in bags using the Search function

To Reproduce

* Start new empty table
* Spawn a bag
* Spawn a blue rectangle
* Save game & reload
* Right-click bag -> open script editor
* Enter following script

function filterObjectEnter()
return false

* Click Save & Play
* Try to drag the blue rectangle into the bag --> doesn't go in the bag, as expected given filterObjectEnter returns false
* Right-click bag & choose Search. grab the blue rectangle and drag it over into the search window, release mouse when "Drop" appears

Expected behavior
* filterObjectEnter is called, which returns false
* object is not moved to the bag

Actual behaviour
* object is moved to the bag

Tabletop Simulator Info:

OS: Windows
Version 12.4.3