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Thread: Cards - difference in rendered table graphic appearance to uploaded file

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    Cards - difference in rendered table graphic appearance to uploaded file

    I have noticed a difference in appearance in my cards in mods I have made from the uploaded png to the rendered appearance on TTS.

    Two examples are given below to a mod I have posted for "The Downfall of Pompeii" ( author groovyclam )

    It seems like TTS is "bleaching" the colour somewhat on the rendered card in-game compared to the uploaded graphic. Notice the edges of the two examples I show are white-ish compared to the beige of the uploaded file.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on ?


    card back - uploaded.jpg

    Rendered In Game
    card back - rendered.jpg

    card4 - uploaded.jpg

    Rendered In Game
    card4 - rendered.jpg

    I should add that the "uploaded" screen caps are redownloaded from the Steam URLs after upload so Steam isn't changing the file when it is stored.

    Could it be something to do with table lighting values or a problem with conversion to rawt files ?

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    I've had a look at table lighting options and I think my "Light Intensity" was set too high - it was bleaching out the cards.

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    Glad you found an answer!

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