If you change the name of a mod from within TTS (via Options\Info\Name), it does not change the title of the mod in the Steam Workshop.

And if you change the title of the mod from within Steam Workshop, that breaks the connection between TTS and that mod. Even though it SHOULDN'T, since a mod subscription should be based on the Workshop ID number and NOT the title.

As an example, after changing the title of the mod from within Steam, you will not see that change reflected in TTS.
And if you Delete/Unsubscribe that mod from within TTS - that will not take effect in Steam. When you go to the Workshop, you're still shown as subscribed.
So the only way to reset that connection is to Delete the mod from TTS, then Unsubscribe from Steam, then re-Subscribe from Steam.

The connection between TTS and your own authored mods in Steam should not be this tenuous, so easily broken, and need so much work to restore.