Scenario: I'm building a baccarat table and I have a UI element that operates as a hand tracker. It's the board you'd see over a casino table that tells you the hand history and who won, etc. It's just the "bead plate". I'm not messing with the Big Road or anything else right now.

It's a 20x6 grid filled with transparent images.

The idea is to update the image name by passing in a value after the hand is decided. As the game progresses, the bead corresponding to the previous hand will "flip" to the correct value. Each XML item will be classed with a number that corresponds to a hand number.

Pseudo code would be something like:

function updateTracker(decision, handNumber)
  UI.setAttribute(handNumber, image, decision)  
Except I can't for the life of me get anything from the global script to touch the UI elements. I attached some test scripts to a button to see if I could fire a change, but nothing happens. No bugs or errors, just no response.