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Thread: XML & Classic buttons - Change how functions are called - pressed, held, released

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    Lightbulb XML & Classic buttons - Change how functions are called - pressed, held, released

    I'm suggesting a change to the XML and classic button. I believe a button should send two calls to the function, one with button press down, and one with button release. A boolean could be attached to the button similar to the use of isOn with ToggleButton, so it can be passed to the function; this would allow a script to know when a button is being pressed, held and then released.

    This feature would be important for any mod that would like to run code only while a player is holding down the button.

    If someone knows if this is already a feature and I'm just overlooking it, please let me know.

    Thanks for reading, and for your consideration.

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    Ok, so I'll just have to answer this one for myself, because I once again overlooked something simple and I feel silly... You just have to use onMouseDown and onMouseUp and then flip a boolean in the code... I got ahead of myself making a request. Lol If mods want to delete this, I understand...

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