This topic seems to be popping up on BoardGameGeek a lot so I was wondering if I could get the TTS team's stance on this, in order to shine some light on the subject. I've searched high and low but if I've missed anything please let me know.

First of all, I've seen some reports of mods being removed from the Steam workshop (BoardGameGeek, Discord, this forum: Does the TTS team ever do this? If yes, what prompts them to take this action? Does the game's publisher contact them?

Secondly, the TTS workshop contains a lot of retail games, and I assume not all of these have the publisher's approval. Why doesn't the TTS team actively remove these? I'm not asking whether they should or not, I'm asking why they, in practice, do not do it. Is it because the Steam Subscriber Agreement and the TTS EULA already make modders responsible for the legality of mods? Is it because it's simply not practically feasible to keep mods without publisher approval off the workshop?

I'd like some proper, factual, ammunition for future discussions on this subject, as people often attack Berserk Games for 'condoning' piracy, when I think it's probably much more nuanced than that.