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Thread: TTS extremely grievous crashes

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    TTS extremely grievous crashes

    EVERY OBJECT i click with my mouse will keep falling down even through the table , Q,E,F is banned.Single object will keep rising if i press R to this object. and even can not filp the table.friends that invite also have the same problem. i can't give host to others says save is too large .and can't load workshop matter how many mods i subscribe,there is only have one thumbnail with a big "?" and DLC mod all have "?" thumbnail .Other players in room that i host has same problem

    In room that other player host ,everything is normal .but if i accept a host , the room will breakdown and everyone will be kicked out by system without me

    i tried restart tts and steam and computer , download steam and tts again,delete cache.It's all useless

    This bug was found at 9/21/2020.and i used 12.4.3 in win10 and here's some error code

    Error loading Workshop games:Exception of type"System.TimeZoneNotFoundException"was thrown
    Exception of type "yIRC NotConnectionException"was thrown.

    i try to enlarge several objects before that, very very huge. and i copyed many many chips .I don't know if it has anything to do with this crashes
    Thanks for any suggestions and help

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    It can be solved by turning on automatic setting of time zone and time in window system settings

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    This worked! Thanks for the help!

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