I have shared the experiences of FIFA 21 before and found that most of the comments complaining about this defensive generation are very difficult. In fact, the defense of the FIFA series was like that. As long as you have not learned the defensive skills, it will be difficult for the following FIFA 22 to take a look at the way. We have also said before that the biggest difference between soccer games and other types of games is the "authorization". If you understand this, you will know that the gameplay before authorization has very little weight. To put it very clearly, the FIFA series also selects players (mostly not for FIFA) Players who really love it enter the box for authorization. Today we will share the most introductory defensive capabilities of FIFA 21. The catch is that no material is recorded, but since it is an introductory content, the text is enough to help players to play the "FIFA Defense is difficult" fast Get started.

Don't think that this is just "introductory defensive skills" and that it is useless. After reading it, you will improve your FIFA level considerably. I am very confident. If you switch from "soccer" it is easier to get into the status "FIFA21"!

Defensive abilities FIFA 21

Select this option to control players with special attention. The FIFA soccer series tends to be more micro-operational, which is the inevitable result of EA's transition from early entertainment to FIFA, so that both attack and defense emphasize rhythm and detail. In FIFA 21, where attack and defence are more extreme overall, the cost of a leaked defence is almost equivalent to the loss of a ball. So when you switch players to defense, you have to make the right choice. So what is "right" to choose? Assuming that the opponent has already overpowered our own half, we must try to control the midfielder who is good at speed and defense (preferably a midfielder, the idea being not to use a defender) to hit the outside of the penalty area. The last line of defense of the defender is not drawn from neutrality and once neutrality appears, the opponent is basically powerless to get through. The passage of "FIFA21" has been strengthened, so the defense must be better organized.

How do I defend myself? Can I grab it? If you are a pure newbie in FIFA 21, you will learn how to put your opponent in a desperate situation. If you continue to block the opponent's offensive route and keep your formation sufficiently stable, the probability of a pass error (AI) and a return (player) of the opponent is very high. The ball grab button (I personally use the PS4 "□" and XBOXs "") for random pressing gives the opponent a chance and can only be pressed with almost complete certainty. Very passive defense? Then just learn to "slide"!

Slide step ("L2" from PS4 or "LT" from XBOX, can be combined with accelerator pedal buttons). We have already mentioned that midfielders are used for micromanipulation to mark the defense. How does a player do the defensive half time? This is of course unrealistic, but as you learn to slide, each player's defensive efficiency increases exponentially and it will no longer be embarrassing to constantly change defensive players who follow the passing rhythm of the opponent. Let's talk about the essential characteristics of sliding: Take PS4 as an example. When an offensive player takes the ball, his defender becomes extremely agile when he presses L2 + R2 (acceleration) to mark nearby, even if the opponent uses a fancy change of direction. If you get rid of yourself and press L2 + Direction, the attacking route will be blocked immediately (see Stealing Time) It is not possible to change the direction quickly by selecting "R2 + / R2 + micro operation" without pressing the slide step. Outside the penalty area, you must hold two positions with the offensive player: inside the penalty area, force defense and block (the game between the masters inside the penalty area consists of guessing the left and right side).

Intuitive effect comparison near the "Open Hang" sliding defense (L2 + R2):

No slip, R2 + micro operation to chase the offensive player and turn around slowly:

Slipping is not invincible, it can only improve the quality of defense considerably. Suppose the opponent's offensive player has entered the penalty area (assuming both players have similar strengths) and you observe the situation on the field to make sure the opponent has to shoot, then it is the "Rate the side" mentioned above. Draw and shoot from left to neutral or to the right? This one-to-one test especially tests the defensive player's awareness. "Awareness" is a bit abstract. In fact, it is nothing more than "guessing the side" by combining the overall position in the penalty area with the idiomatic feet of the opponent. If the offensive player has a field on the left side (the right side of the defender) and the offensive player is "Olivier Giroud", an inverted player with the left foot, the opponent player definitely adapts to the left and moves towards the near corner of the goal Go to play (unless it is a beginner, who is not as good as you, who does not use idiomatic feet at all or the superior "high game" continues to pass and is in the mood to play) At this point, the best strategy is to block and use the opportunity to steal.

Let me talk about "tacking" (the default PS4 is and XBOX's "B"). In FIFA 21, the duels were intensified, not only according to the defensive skills of the defensive players, but also because of the size of the referee. Often these attacks on people are "more intelligent" to adjust the position of the foot, and even if it is a malicious attack, the referee rarely has a red card. The better the defensive skills of the defensive player, the less likely the opponent will have to make more moves. This sentence is meaningless? Wrong, this change has saved the stream of consciousness players. If you are an old player in the FIFA series, you should rarely use duels to avoid noticing changes. If you see this, all you need to do is create a game randomly and then use tackles to steal. You will soon understand how powerful the tackles in FIFA 21 are!

The capabilities of FIFA 21 cover all aspects and defense is also a top priority. Although this content does not include any tactical development, it is also of great help for players who think that FIFA 21 is too hard to defend. If the defense is well done, the number of defensive counterattacks is of course higher, so the high speed players on your side will also be useful. Finally, everyone can ask questions and exchange ideas! And for more FIFA guides or FIFA 21 Coins, you can follow us at SSEGold.com for help!