Sometimes when I hover over an object in the TTS game and use the grab button on my VR controller instead of picking up the item a white arrow appears. If i then move the controller this white arrow seems to grow depending on how far away from the item I move the controller. It also points from where the controller is to the object I was hovering over.

If I then let go of the grab button the object seems to be pushed. The longer the white arrow was the harder the item is pushed.

I have no idea how I get into this mode and once I am in it I don't know how to get out of it except to close TTS and start over.

Can someone tell me what this mode is, how I am getting into this mode and most important how to get out?

I am using TTS for SteamVR with an Oculus Quest 2 over Virtual Desktop. It works great except some of the mappings with the Quest controllers and Rift controllers don't line up well.