Hello, first time here, been running a tabletop RPG game in TTS. And I have run into a strange bug. So, for quite a few objects that are non-base game, if I put down fog of war, and then enable objects to ignore it, then clone them and save and load, upon loading it cannot identify the model and asks me to add one(the model address is entirely blank. I have run this test a few times now, and it seems to be okay if I do not have fog of war down first. But if I already have it down and try and clone, or even enable objects sometimes, to ignore fog of war they break, making me have to simply delete them, which sucks a lot when you're using stuff to build maps. I am not sure if there's some option I can use to fix this issue or not. And I have not seen any posts online talking about this. I have tried this is an entirely new map with only a few objects with the same result, have tried adding brand new mods, disabling the mod this issue first occurred with, relaunching tts, resetting my pc, and verifying tts files on steam. None of this has fixed the issue I have. For now, I am going to have to remove the fog of war I have down and manually add it later and hope that won't break the objects models. Else I guess..ima just draw lines for the map sadly as it seems fog of war is a bit busted rn.

Tl;DR: on steam, placing fog of war with modded models then making said models ignore fog of war doesn't keep the models upon a save and reload. Tried various fixes, unsure what to do now.