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Thread: Excessively precise but inaccurate numbers in the JSON file

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    Angry Excessively precise but inaccurate numbers in the JSON file

    Is there a reason why TTS has difficulty using rounded numbers in the JSON file? Even after I hand edit the JSON file and correct the numbers, TTS changes them back:

    "Name": "Infinite_Bag",
    "Transform": {
    "posX": 23.0444183,
    "posY": 0.9442168,
    "posZ": -28.7585812,
    "rotX": -2.83640674E-07,
    "rotY": 9.91833247E-08,
    "rotZ": 9.97576E-08,
    "scaleX": 1.0,
    "scaleY": 1.0,
    "scaleZ": 1.0

    E-07? Seriously? rotX, rotY, and rotZ are all supposed to be 0. If I change these values to 0, load the game into TTS, and then save it again, TTS will change these values back to some random number that's almost 0.

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    yeah, it's weird. Something to do with the fact that it's a Physics engine, I bet.

    But it's not really a problem. You shouldn't be comparing floating points numbers for equality anyway. (0.1 + 0.2 isn't equal to 0.3, after all.)

    Use something like

    math.abs( x - y ) < tolerance

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    This is normal behavior. They are floating point errors:

    It should not affect the gameplay math in any noticeable way. There are ways to mitigate it but ultimately in a game like this it probably wouldn't be worth the effort.

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