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Thread: Take specific card from deck - Beginner scripter

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    Take specific card from deck - Beginner scripter

    I am fairly new to scripting and programming, I still don’t know much about how some things work together. I’d appreciate some help on this matter:

    I have located a deck on the table with 60 cards and 4 cards in it have a specific name (in this case “Eleven”. I’d like to take these 4 cards out of the deck and pile them on a separate location on the table.

    I tried “cards = deck.getObjects()” but I found out this does not get me the info that I need to use the following:
    ‘if cards.getName() == “Eleven” then cards/deck.takeObject(..)” this always gives me nil

    Do I have to create a table to access to the names? I tried this but I can’t get anything working, I don’t understand how tables use the data put in them by getObjects.

    Could someone give me a working solution here? I’d really appreciate it, cause I’m new to programming and really trying to get more knowledge. I tried to search for answers for this simple matter but can’t seem to get anything for this prop me.

    Many thanks in advance for ur time!

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    Found out why my code didn't work. So I no longer need assistence.

    Don't know how to delete this post.

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