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Thread: Don't want my button to obscure my nice graphic tile

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    Don't want my button to obscure my nice graphic tile

    I have a custom tile with a nice graphic on it and have attached a button to it to call a function when clicked.

    The problem I have is that the button sits on top of the tile graphic and hides it.

    Is there a way to make the button "see through" so the player can see the graphic on the tile ? ( I have defined no text or font for the button parameters but the colour parameter defaults to "white" if not defined and hides the graphic on the tile below ).

    Or is there a different way to achieve what I want to do ( e.g. detect when the tile it clicked and call the function ? )
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    Worked it out myself - set the Y value of the button to just below the tile's top face ( e.g. layoutButtonParam.position = {0.00, -0.20, 0.00} )
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    another simple solution is to set the color of your button transparent.

    myButtonParameters.color = {0,0,0,0} --{R,G,B,Alpha}

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    Aha, thanks

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