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Thread: Hero Forge Advice for Minis!!

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    Hero Forge Advice for Minis!!

    So for context a friend was making an original game and he tested his own minis from hero forge before making his own personal ones and when I introduced him in TTS for easier play testing we tried using those files he had but it was honestly very difficult to get them in but after some time and research I found a way. Because I could not find it easily online and I imagine that other newer players may want to use Hero Forge for their own personal games I figured I would share how you can upload into TTS and make them easier to use from what I learned. And if anyone has better suggestions for minis or a easier way of doing this please feel free to share I just know that some people may be looking for help.[url=]Appvalley[/url] [url=]TutuApp[/url] [url=]Tweakbox[/url]
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    I am not sure what format Hero Forge mini use but I have created (and posted) two tutorials for importing content into TTS. The first is for importing static (non-animated) content into TTS. The other is for importing animated characters (via Unity) into TTS.

    Static Content Video Tutorial: [url][/url]
    Animated Content Video Tutorial: [url][/url]

    The second tutorial (for animated content) is a little over 45 minutes long but it is a step by step tutorial so that even people with little computer knowledge can follow it.

    If you have a process that works, making a video tutorial and posting a link is probably one of the best ways to share the information with others.

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    Hero Forge just added a download option that's compatible with Tabletop Simulator! You can learn more about it on the materials page


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