Hello everyone,

A friend and I worked on developing a board game for over a year now. The project slowed to a halt during the pandemic, so we decided to switch it up and go virtual. We created the current version of the game as a TTS mod and I wrote the rulebook for the current version, present in the game. It goes under the name of "Hexridge".

It's a 2-6 player game that takes around 20 minutes to learn and 30-50 to play, depending on the number of players. You play as engineers on board a spaceship, trapped in your workshops with the only way out being to combine your virtual key with keys you take from other players in order to unlock the last stable nuclear core with which you can power your escape pod and get out. Only one person can win, and everyone can lose if time runs out!

sa podom.jpg

You can find the mod on the following link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2300262687

As I said, the game is under active development, so expect most balancing aspects, as well as the visual design of some components, to drastically change in the near future.

The core mechanics are all there, but we're thinking of adding some new ones to spice the game up if necessary. We could also use any feedback on the rulebook clarity as it's the first draft, and also any other impressions you get while playing. We would really appreciate you trying it out and sending us any feedback you have. Don't hold back!