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Thread: "Tint" color not loading for other players

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    "Tint" color not loading for other players

    When I set a tint for a loaded object and save the game to a workshop, the tint will show correctly for me, but not other players.

    For example, I am creating a custom game where four sets of chess pieces are loaded. I use the default "wood" chess pieces from the basic components, and change the tint of each set to distinguish them as red, blue, yellow, or green.

    If I save the game to the workshop and ever load it new, the colors appear properly for me. However, any player that joins the game will see all four sets as the base wood models with no tint.

    To correct this I have to edit the tint every game - going into tint and saving isn't enough, I actually have the change the value for each group of pieces. Other players can now see the correct tint, but resetting/reloading the game or adding new players forces me to redo this every time.

    I have also tried saving the objects themselves with the tint loaded but this has not fixed the issue.

    Is there any way to fix this problem? I would expect tints would save like any other object property into multiplayer games. I have found a few threads with similar (not exact) issues but have not found any resolutions.


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    I have a similar problem. Ich wrote a Lua script, that creates marbles and tints them to the colors that I need for my game. This script is triggered when I click on a button that I put to the UI. However, even when other players have already joined the game, the colors change only for me.

    That really needs to be fixed! But how?

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    Hey, yeah I ended up trying something similar, setting a script to load color on load:

    function onLoad()

    Unfortunately I checked today and it seems the error still occurs. Everything works fine on my end, but to any other user all the pieces appear in their default tan/wood.

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