Hey there,

I'm having a recurring problem with mouse glitches following a specific set of things involving hotseat games.

If I create a hotseat game, pick colors, and then load a game on a 4-player board that does not include those colors, my mouse will often start glitching. In particular, any click will start dragging a box and doing other strange behavior.

Specific Order of Things:
Start Hotseat game for 2, 3, or 4 players
Get a random 6 or 8 person table
Select colors
Load a custom mod on a 4-person table
Skip turns until a "colorless" person is selected (a dialogue box will come up saying "<blank>'s turn", except <blank> is just empty space)
From then on, my mouse / selection will be glitched.

Glitches include:
Drawing a box with a single click
Double selecting custom tiles (two different tiles are melded together, with the art glitching back and forth between them)
Drawing multiple tiles from a bag
Simultaneously drawing a tile and moving the bag with long click, leading a tile to be trapped under the bag

I can get around this problem, generally, by loading the game before I select player colors, although I encountered it even then when I was fooling around with colors, accidentally designated two players as game master, and got the same "_'s turn" dialogue box. Selecting the "correct" colors for a 4-player game (orange/green/white/purple) also avoids the problem.

I enabled /log the most recent time it happened.