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Thread: [v8.7] Consistent Scaling + Advanced Scaling

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    [v8.7] Consistent Scaling + Advanced Scaling

    Currently the only way to scale something precisely is by editing values in the JSON file. What I would like to see done is the 'Physics' Menu be changed into an 'Options' menu, with the normal physics stuff being in there, and also other variables for scaling and maybe even precise positioning.

    Also, right now things are scaled different on different tables, which is annoying to say the least. I was going to play a board game on a smaller table, only I was noticing that suddenly the pieces weren't matching up to the gameboard like they were on the larger table. Everything needs to be the same size on every table - so if this means making adjustments to the size of the smaller tables to compensate, so be it.

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    I support this. I came across the problem where I needed to decrease the size of custom cards beyond the minimum, and had it not been for you mentioning editing the JSON files, I would have thought this isn't even possible. Having an option for more specific scale editing would have been great.

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    I'd like to bump this suggestion. I'm creating various TTS mods, and I really think this option should be mandatory.. This suggestion could be accomplished by adding a tool, or a sub-tool to the gizmos, where with said tool selected, you can right-click an object and numerically set the various parameters; e.g.: right-clicking a deck/card with the gizmo movement option will open up a tab where you can input the desired number (0.25 x) (1,15 y). But, going back to the specifical part of this thread, there should be a gizmo option for scaling, which, when an object is right-clicked, a tab shows up, which allows precise numerical scaling - which may be syncronized or less, depending by the user - and thus could potentially save a lot of time to the modder.

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    You can now do this with the Gizmo tool that was released in today's [URL=""]update v8.7[/URL].


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