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Thread: ~~~Large Community of Tabletop Sim Gamers Looking for More~~~

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    ~~~Large Community of Tabletop Sim Gamers Looking for More~~~

    ❄️Winter Wants You! [NA][EU]❄️

    Are you looking to find good consistent people to play various board and card games with virtually? Wanna give DMing a shot, but have no one to help you learn the process? Have trouble finding enough people that share your gaming taste? Or maybe you just want to learn and experience new games? What are you waiting for? Join Winter!

    We have a growing community within Winter for TTS (Tabletop Simulator), Gloomhaven community, D&D community, and Social Gaming (Among Us, Fall Guys, Jackbox, Uno, CAH, Skribble, Werewolf, and yes even Karaoke!). We offer scheduled events for both and encourage impromptu games!!

    Who We Are:
    Winter is a community of gamers that have been around for over 20 years. Our founders came together over the love of games. We are a haven for like-minded gamers across every platform from PC to TableTop. We have a place for almost everyone. With this diversity, you can easily meet someone who should have the same gaming interests as you or introduce you to a new game.

    Who We Are Not:
    We are not a clan that tolerates racism, sexism, discrimination, you name it, of any kind, we do not tolerate toxicity. Friendly banter is encouraged, but toxicity is not allowed. We do not tolerate immaturity, and for this reason, the minimum age is 16 years old. Further information about the clan can be found on our website .

    For more information, or to join, please reach out to LadyWood#3009 on Discord.

    Here is a link to our discord

    We look forward to you joining our family… stay frosty!

    Questions? For our TTS/Social gaming community contact Btrflyprncezz#2400, LadyWood#3009, or shawnaax3#5919 . For our D&D community contact Zhunix#5735, Perdita#7956, or SteveScrub#6292. For our Gloomhaven community contact Aarmina#7846, Viper#4979 , Kaze Kitsune#3901,or Zaph#3657.

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    Great community! Very social and active, highly recommended.

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    Awesome community! Always friendly, games happening often!

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