am looking for 4ish players to join me on Table Top Simulator to play a one-shot D&D 5e campaign.

When: 12/16/20, 6pm. Exact starting time is flexible.

What to expect: 80% combat and standard dungeon crawling, 20% role playing. There will be plenty of gross body horror, but everything will be pg-13.

What I want from you: Anyone who has a passion for playing is welcome regardless of skill level. I do have some expectations and ground rules:

Be respectful

Be Fair

Be supportive

Be kind

Be accepting

Be yourself.

I donít tolerate any sexuality or edge-lordery.

To apply:

Please send me an introductory PM. Make a 5th level character of your choosing. No homebrew or unearthed arcana. I will look over your character sheet. (99% of what my players want to do Iím cool with) You can give yourself one magic item as long as it isnít OP.