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Thread: Whenever joining multiplayer game, get stuck seeing a gray ciricle

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    Whenever joining multiplayer game, get stuck seeing a gray ciricle

    Whenever I attempt to join a multiplayer game, I get stuck looking at an empty area with only a gray circle and text telling me to choose my color, nothing else loads. Can not see other people and wherever I try to host, others can not connect to me. Single player works fine, it just messes up when I attempt to join any multiplayer game.

    Using windows 10, on version 12.4.2.

    Thank you for your time.

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    My friend and I are both having this same exact problem. We try to load multiplayer games and whenever the other tries to join, we only see a gray circle telling us to go into spectator mode, but clicking on it does nothing. When we make the tables individually it works fine.

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    Yeah, most of the time my computer crashes whenever I click the gray circle. My computer is not old, it came out last year. Out of my group of friends, only I am having this problem. So annoying, I am unable to play with them.

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    I just started having this issue last night! I've been playing a game with a friend for a while now, and last night we went to resume play. He couldn't connect, and I couldn't join any of his (or any other game).
    Windows 10
    TTS v12.4.3

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    Same with me. Also Windows 10 (Home) and TTS v12.4.3. I do not have this problem with my MacBook Pro running on the same home network.

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    I should also mention I’ve tried disabling Windows Defender firewall (all networks) and it still does not work.

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