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Thread: Tabletop Simulator for Video Tutorials?

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    [Solved ]Tabletop Simulator for Video Tutorials? (It's ok!)


    I am creating my own original tabletop RPG system.

    My questions:
    Can I use the Tabletop Simulator to create and publish videos (probably to be released on youtube) of my content?
    I already did some research and came up short, probably because the search terms were too broad.
    Where would I need to look to find the licenses?
    I really want to do the right thing and give credit where credit is due, and avoid any kind of infringement. Respect to creators!

    The system is finished enough to be used, and I am heavily relying on Tabletop Simulator not only for testing, but I also want to publish it in the workshop.

    Thanks for your help and thanks to the creators of Tabletop Simulator, without which I surely would play less tabletop RPGs - and gone crazy with physical testing.

    P.S.: I posted this in the Original Content section before, but moved it to the general section now.
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    The official website has a press page with a note that reads:
    Video Policy: We love people sharing our game. As such you are free to monetize your videos through any video sharing sites with our permission.


    This is the written permission you need to be in accordance with the Tabletop Simulator EULA, which otherwise states that you may not display any part of the game without written permission.
    Just putting this here in case others need this info!

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