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Thread: error steam read from workshop k_eresultfilenotfound

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    error steam read from workshop k_eresultfilenotfound

    This, as far as I can tell from searching the forums and elsewhere, is identical to a long standing problem that has never been addressed by the developers. I don't hope to get resolution, as this issue has been neglected for years, but I thought I would try the forums before I start making angry phone calls.

    As has been described elsewhere, I get the message "error steam read from workshop k_eresultfilenotfound" for any mods I subscribe to from the Steam workshop. I have a number of mods already included that seem unaffected, but at a certain point (perhaps after I purchased DLC for the game) I became unable to add newly subscribed content. I run on Windows. I have tried all the usual remedies.

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    I'm having this same issue with all recent mods, as of the same date. Hoping for a patch for this soon.

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    I'm having the same issue, with a slight difference: I just purchased the game. So I could never get any mod running on it.
    I found some info in old posts that when you subscribe to a mod a certain .json file is downloaded for it. That file is not being created in my pc, can't figure out why. It is very strange that for a lot of people this starts to happen suddenly as they were able to install things up to an arbitrary moment.
    I made a thread under Technical support, but received no answer so far.

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    Look at my thread in technical support. I was able to solve this by using a VPN. The problem seems tied to an IP address, so I would imagine anyway to try to download from a different IP should work.

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    it can easily be solve by vpn

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