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Thread: Hex Grid Snapping, Joints, and Figurines

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    Hex Grid Snapping, Joints, and Figurines

    I'v recently ran into a lot of issues trying to create custom paper figurines for use on a hex based board that utilizes grid snapping. By itself the figurine works fine, but the issue is I need to indicate facing on the figurine. The only way I figured this out is to simply joint together a small object like a go piece on the base of the figurine or in front of the figurine to indicate its frontal facing. However when used in junction with grid snapping its causing all sorts of hellish effects like hovering in mid air and complete weight unbalance so the figurine cant be dropped without falling flat on its face. I tried using some of the weight property stuff for the figurine and go piece to solve the weight unbalance but it does absolutely nothing and just resets the values every time I open it back up. Another thing I'v notice is when I pick up the go piece on accident it always breaks the joint, I am not sure if it is normal, but its absolutely annoying to have to reset the joint every time due to an accidental pick up and you cant lock the go piece to prevent that because then you cant pick up the figurine itself.

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    the only thing I can think of, would be you would have to 3D model your own figurine, or use the RPG figurines, b/c those you can actually see which way they are facing. As of now things like that are impossibly difficult to manage otherwise.

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    Make sure when you use the joint on a figurine, make the joint FROM the go piece to the figurine. If you do it from the figurine to the go piece, it will have the effect you're experiencing.

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