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Thread: Major crash problem

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    Question Major crash problem

    Hi I'm here to report a major crash that happens every time I open up tabletop simulator. What happened was that it opened, stayed on the white screen, gave an error that stated that I should send you guys a folder to see about a fix.

    Mind you I really enjoy the game and I wish I could play it again without a crash on boot. :'(

    I've attached the folder to this post.

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    We'll need a bit more info to help like what's written on[URL=""] this thread[/URL]. Please give us your OS, how much RAM your computer has and exactly what the issue is. Does this happen every time you open Tabletop Simulator? Try these steps:

    1. Verify the integrity of your game cache
    2. Update your graphics drivers
    3. Update your OS
    4. Make sure your graphics settings are on quality and NOT performance.

    We'll try to get your up and running in no time. Thanks!

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